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Website/ Forum General
Communications between staff and members/ guests; site and forums "administrative" issues

Welcome to the BuildTheEnterprise Forums.

The forums are currently in a transitional phase and as such the old forums are now locked and located at the bottom of the forums list. The staff is working on refining the information contained within the old forums for placement in the new forums. How long this procress will take depends on too many factors to say at this point. In the meantime, all members of the site are encouraged to create new, meaningful topics to help fill up the forums.

For posting new topics it is recommended to use the Forum Index.

Matters concerning the BTE wesite
Topics 28
Posts 275
Matters concerning the BTE forums
Topics 20
Posts 157
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Concept (L3) – All members
Conceptual design, problems and solutions
Nature of assignments for Enterprise
Topics 23
Posts 191
Structural composition of Enterprise, and those elements required to maintain its structural integrity
Topics 9
Posts 39
Command, Control, Communications, Information/ Intelligence, Networks
Design and development of the command and control centers as well as the design and development of the computers, networks, navigation and communication functions
Topics 19
Posts 131
The "fittings" of Enterprise which includes items like sensors, lasers, and other equipment
Topics 26
Posts 105
How to research, build and maintain the necessary infrastructures to build and operate Enterprise
Topics 17
Posts 83
"Shipyard" Facilities/ Construction Technique: Methods, Processes
Shipyard style construction methods, techniques and processes that could perhaps be applied to construction of the Enterprise
Topics 12
Posts 306
Heavy (Super)Lift
Getting the parts into space
Topics 12
Posts 64
Auxiliary Craft
Task specific designs for auxiliary crafts
Topics 5
Posts 95
Group RSS
Practical Issues
Non-design issues that must be addressed
Life onboard the Enterpise
What life on board the Enterprise might be like for crew, passengers, and visitors
Topics 10
Posts 132
Open Source Cooperative
How to make the BTE a truly open source project
Topics 3
Posts 5
Organisational Entity Structure
BTE's Equivalent of Starfleet
Topics 6
Posts 72
Finance/ Funding
Finance and funding considerations
Topics 39
Posts 384
Sub-Forums Government (3) Corporate (4) Other (10)
Public Relations
All aspects of public relations for the BTE Project
Topics 17
Posts 162
Nomenclature of BuildTheEnterprise and the Enterprise
Topics 4
Posts 14
Sub-Forums Names (3) Registration (2)
Group RSS
Information resources
General potentially useful source references
Topics 22
Posts 89
Energy Generation/ Storage
Potentially useful information on energy generation and storage
Topics 2
Posts 3
Potentially useful information on propulsion
Topics 6
Posts 13
Potentially useful information on materials
Topics 6
Posts 26
Potentially useful formulas and algorithms
Topics 5
Posts 10
Group RSS
General Space Sciences
Potentially useful information, not directly or immediately
Resource Acquisition (Mining)
Acquiring resources through mining beyond earth
Topics 7
Posts 27
Colonisation/ Settlement
Settlement and colonization
Topics 9
Posts 48
Mars Direct
Merits of going to mars before the moon
Topics 6
Posts 38
Concurrent Efforts
Current or existing space projects
Topics 6
Posts 13
Group RSS
Expert Review
Ask The Experts
Ask the experts a technical question related to BTE
Topics 6
Posts 61
Expert Review Request
Request an experts opinion on the contents of a topic or post
Topics 2
Posts 5
Group RSS
Open discussion
Science Fiction (Currently)
For all things that are currently science fiction
Topics 2
Posts 7
(Other) SciFi
Science fiction media that isn't related to Star Trek
Topics 2
Posts 3
The Apollo missions in general
Topics 4
Posts 6
Sub-Forums Where Were You? (2)
Do The Other Things
Expansion of the BTE project beyond it's original mission
Topics 3
Posts 15
Topics 12
Posts 20
Current events
Topics 132
Posts 256
Things not covered elsewhere in chat
Topics 15
Posts 64
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----------The old forums begin here----------The old forums begin here----------The old forums begin here---------- The old forums begin here----------

Site Suggestions
Give suggestions for improvements to the site
Topics 9
Posts 79
Forum Suggestions
Give suggestions for improvements to the forums
Topics 9
Posts 40
Group RSS
Building the Gen1 Enterprise
Gen1 Enterprise: Is it technically possible?
Technologies within reach and not within reach. And scaling up technologies to fit the Enterprise..
Topics 52
Posts 498
A 1.5 GWe Nuclear Reactor in Space
We need more power Scotty! And this is where it comes from.
Topics 18
Posts 185
Cold Fusion: Outside the Box Power Alternatives
The ECAT and other claimed LENR devices.
Topics 1
Posts 6
Ion Propulsion Engines
Today's engines and an improved and scaled up version for the Enterprise.
Topics 19
Posts 278
The Gravity Wheel
1g gravity is a must in the Enterprise and on the Mars and moon bases.
Topics 19
Posts 204
How do we keep it cool?
The Enterprise throws off a lot of waste heat. Can it be kept cool - and how?
Topics 5
Posts 119
Topics 1
Posts 5
Space-worthy Composite Materials
Are they ready and are they good enough?
Topics 6
Posts 33
And What Do We Do with the Laser?
A 100MW laser has to be good for something.
Topics 4
Posts 50
Shielding Against Cosmic Rays and Solar Radiation
The impact on humans is worse than you think and is often downplayed. Needed: Good Shields!
Topics 8
Posts 58
Group RSS
Space Policy
US Space Policy
What's good, what's bad, and what should be changed?
Topics 10
Posts 101
Should the Heavy Lifters all be Farmed Out to the Private Sector?
NASA rockets are expensive. The dollars per pound of payload must come way down.
Topics 11
Posts 56
Group RSS
Mars Missions with Humans
Does the Mars Direct Idea Make Sense?
Consider the various plans to take humans to Mars.
Topics 8
Posts 21
Needed: Good Shields on Mars
With a thin atmosphere and no magnetic field, Mars is dangerous to humans when it come to radiation from space. So what shielding is adequate?
Topics 4
Posts 21
Group RSS
Star Trek
General Discussion - Star Trek
All things Star Trek.
Topics 5
Posts 15
Which Enterprise Looks the Best?
It's subjective, but we all have an opinion.
Topics 6
Posts 39
What Would Scotty Do?
What would Scotty think about building the Gen1 Enterprise?
Topics 6
Posts 13
Group RSS
General Discussion
Open Source Collaboration
Is it possible and how could it be done?
Topics 19
Posts 180
Topics 53
Posts 869
Where were you when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon?
The Apollo 11 landing. ... And were you even alive yet?
Topics 2
Posts 34
Topics 5
Posts 48
Unread and recently updated topics
Multiple Redundancy
Public Relations
Forum Questions/ Comments
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