Space Surfing: Where No One Has Gone Before

The BuildTheEnterprise White House Petition is Here.

Reader Eli Williamson-Jones came up with yet another great ad, or perhaps closer to a short pamphlet really. Click on the image below to see it full size. (You may have to click on the image a second time to get it to go to true full size.) This would make a great poster!

Image credit – the astronaut with the surf board came from an unknown artist.

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18 Responses to Space Surfing: Where No One Has Gone Before

  1. Mitchz95 says:

    Oh my god. That is pure awesomeness.

  2. Grand Lunar says:

    I imagine many “Star Wars” fans are going to be in a uproar over this.
    It makes me wonder as to their vision of space travel VS that of Star Trek fans.

    The latter seems more about hope and humanity.

    And it is a wonderful depiction, with a good message.

    • BTE-Dan says:

      I think the Death Star petition was all in fun even by hard core Star Wars fans. And even in the Stars Wars world, the Death Star is for the dark side of the tale.

      • Grand Lunar says:

        I suppose so.

        Perhaps next they might try for a star destroyer. :)

        It’s would be interesting to note any other sci-fi ships that may have been studied, or contemplated to be studied, to become reality.

        Only official one I know of (anyone can correct me on this) was the Discovery from “2001”, which was done by one of the space centers as the Discovery 2.
        Even then, the results came up with a slightly different design than the sci-fi counter-part.

        Makes me wonder just what differences the real Big E might have from the sci-fi version would be needed to make it functional.

        • BTE-Dan says:

          There is the size of the radiators for one. And can the goosenecks take the stresses on them is another question. For example, during Mars aerobraking stresses go up on the engine hulls due to wind.

          • Grand Lunar says:

            I’m still sure about using aerobraking for arrival.
            After all, the Big E also is supposed to orbit the Moon and asteroids. Propulsive braking is needed, so why not have that as a common feature?

            Still, I have an idea on that: a tether that extends from the ship that has an expandable structure. It can be made of graphene so it can take the stress. The shuttle did something like this.

            It would give a sort of nautical feel to the operation of the ship as well. :)

            • Mitchz95 says:

              At the kind of speeds the Enterprise will be going, I’m not sure a big anchor would be a good idea. Graphene-enhanced or not.

              But I do prefer the idea of propulsive breaking over aerobraking. As you’ve pointed out, targets without atmospheres (Europa, asteroids, etc) will be hard to orbit otherwise.

  3. TheElgen says:

    Star wars was intended as a story of the continuous battle between good and evil and the triumph of good. a much more realistic depiction of the world than the starry- eyed utopian world of star trek. of course as was mentioned above the death star is a symbol of evil and the petition was a joke. maybe instead of mocking the idea of star wars you should try working towards a union. isn’t that what this ship is supposed to represent. yet on this site which is supposed to be working towards building a symbol of peace and understanding people of varying interests beliefs and political ideals are often ridiculed. how can you work toward peace and tolerance when you don’t practice it at this most basic level of the project? I mean no disrespect in any of this statement. thank you.

    • BTE-Dan says:

      I don’t take the image as mocking Star Wars. Personally I loved Star Wars. It is poking fun at the Death Star petition, but no one should be offended because the petition was for fun.

    • Mitchz95 says:

      There were plenty of “continuous battles between good and evil” in Star Trek. The Dominion and the Borg come to mind.

    • Eric Cheung says:

      I don’t see how reducing the universe to a false dichotomy is more realistic than a future wherein the people of Earth realise that it’s in everyone’s best interest to cooperate. Besides, there’s quite a lot more complexity to the politics of the Star Trek universe, such that there are very few truly good or evil empires. The same cannot be said for Star Wars.

  4. falloutboy says:

    I don’t know………… I think surfing in a space suit could be difficult :o)

  5. Mitchz95 says:

    I could see something like this being the ship’s first mission patch. Minus the Death Star, of course.

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